5 Unusual Yet Effective Ways To Beat Addictions

When a famous person dies as a result of alcohol or drug-related abuse, there is normally a frenzy of worldwide media coverage for a week or two with all sorts of advice on what needs to be done to avert such tragedies. Unfortunately, after a few days of reporting, it is back to business as usual and nothing or little changes. Speaking of which…this is exactly what happened when celebrities like Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and most recently Avicii were found dead as a result of drug overdoses.

The big question is, why does this spectacle keep repeating itself? Most probably, victims struggling with alcohol and drug addictions have been “scared straight” into believing that addiction can only be beaten by abstinence. On the contrary, there is no one-stop shop or a Holy Mary grill type-guide when it comes to achieving sobriety. The whole thing is a process. Therefore, to achieve fully-fledged freedom from slavery that is an addiction, several steps and layers of healing have to be followed and dealt with accordingly.

Here are a few pieces of advice to kick start your healing process.

1. Find healthy ways to cope with stress.

If you ask anybody struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, they will most probably tell you that they began the habit as a way of coping with stress and tension. The problem is, drugs and alcohol are just temporary fixes. And once the “blinding” effects of these substances are gone, victims are more likely to experience psychological and physical side effects that intensify their feelings of anxiety. Fortunately, engaging in healthy coping methods such as regular exercises, taking some of the best fish oil supplements or meditation will go a long way in helping you eliminate the urge to use or try drugs.

2. Harness your creativity and find things that you care about

One of the biggest advantages of engaging your brain in activities such as writing, dancing, drawing or playing music is that you can do them without suffering from adverse effects associated with alcohol and drugs. As you sink deeper into your creative side, everything around you becomes one with it. As a result of this connection, your brain gains a new reality which subsequently makes life seem easier and more enjoyable, hence eliminating the need to use alcohol and drugs.

3. Seek therapy or counseling.

Even when not hooked to drugs, it isn’t uncommon for people to feel miserable and depressed. As a matter of fact, most people experience lows and high that at times can be difficult to cope without using drugs. In a bid to cope with this, you might be tempted to self-medicate as a way of dealing with these psychological problems. Unfortunately, drugs don’t cure psychological problems, but only suppress the symptoms for some time. However, tackling your problems with a professional is a more productive and efficient way of dealing with emotional and psychological issues. If you or a family member urgently needs professional help, Canadian Centre for addictions is the one of the top drug rehab centres in Ontario. The facility is equipped with modern equipment and manpower power to deal with all types of drug-related problems.

4. Maintain a lifestyle that makes you happy.

In our current world, it is very easy for one aspect of your life such as work to become devastating up to a point that you have no time to engage in other more enjoyable aspects of life triggering depression. And since depression and low self-esteem are some of the main causes of Drug abuse, establish strong relationships and striking a balance between mental and physical activities will help your body gain and maintain the stability it needs to operate drug-free.

5. Be aware of your family’s history with substance abuse.

Sometimes, addiction can be linked to genes. Therefore, be on the lookout for any family members that have been struggling with the problem before. If you find any, know that there is a high probability that you might also get hooked. In case you’ve already started taking drugs, it is best to seek professional help before it gets too far. If there are any that have gotten themselves out of addiction, seek their advice since it is easier to avoid drugs than recovering from addiction.

Bottom line

Regardless of your current situation, it is possible to beat alcohol and drug addiction and even avoid slipping into the dangers that come with. The key is keeping yourself healthy and happy and seeking professional help whenever there are signs you are stressed.

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