3 Of My Favorite Homemade Energy Shake Recipes

Looking for the perfect energizing smoothie recipe? Here are my favorite energy shakes recipes that can help you be productive during the day.

This surely you have heard many times but including smoothies in your daily diet can be a really healthy alternative to snacks.

We at the Fitness Wiki wanted to share the recipe of 3 homemade smoothies that are perfectly balanced to make, each of them developed for a specific time of the day. For being a healthy mixture of supplements and also natural ingredients as you will see below, these shakes are everything you need to create muscle mass in the right places. Here I bring you 3 easy recipes and with them, you can feed your muscles when they need it most. Go for it!

#1. Breakfast energy shakes

Blend up these ingredients together in your NutriBullet:

– 200 grams of light yogurt

– 300 ml of water

– 1 teaspoon of peanut butter (do not pass, make it small)

– 1 a fist of raw spinach (star ingredient)

– 100 grits of strawberries

– Two or three ice cubes so that it is well spread.

Why is this shake good?

The protein at breakfast is essential and also with this shake will help reduce hunger in the morning. Add a portion of light yogurt and some fruit to have a balance of healthy vitamins.

Do not worry about spinach, because once they are blended, you will not even realize they are there and they are a huge source of dietary fiber.

Calories: 366 calories Proteins: 19 grams | Carbohydrates: 19 grams | Fats: 19 grams

#2. Best energy shake recipe for pre-gym

Blend up these ingredients together in your NutriBullet:

– 1 Banana

– 500 ml of skimmed milk

– 150 mg of Caffeine
 (you can get it here)

– 3 grams Beta Alanine (you can get it here)

Why is this shake good?

The protein of the milk will help you to recover in the training of your muscles, while the carbohydrates of the banana will give you that extra strength to get a couple more repetitions.

It is proven that caffeine and beta alanine increase intensity, give you that extra little point to giving everything in the gym especially in the last repetitions.

 Calories : 245 | Proteins: 24 g | Carbohydrates: 33 g | Fat: 2 g

#3. The best energy shake recipe for post-gym

Blend up these ingredients together in your NutriBullet:

– 100 grams of Frozen cranberries

– about 50 grams of raw oats

– 1 tablespoon of whey protein
 (I found that ON whey protein mixes best)

– 3g of creatine type monohydrate

Why is this shake good?

When you finish your training it is essential to recharge energies and also boost the muscle re-construction process. Do not forget to put the creatine to grow your muscles.

 Calories: 532 | Proteins: 34 g | Carbohydrates: 79 g | Fats: 9 g

I hope you like the homemade energy shakes recipes and in the comments tell us which you liked more out of the three!

What are the Advantages of Smoothies?

For starters, you’ll be able to take in foods that you wouldn’t normally eat. For example,  spinach or kale, however when you liquify everything can incorporate and mask the taste, and at the same time take advantage of all its benefits.

The same discipline to put to train your muscles in the gym, you have to put to feed your body, which is a commitment of 24 hours 7 days a week.

Trust me, there are times when it is difficult to include nutrients in your diet, this where these homemade energy shakes do their job. 

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