Why Exercise is Good for Your Mental and Physical Health

Did you know that mental and emotional health can be improved through exercise? All of us know how exercise is essential to keep ourselves fit and healthy. But many people do not know that exercise is also very essential for our mental health. Many studies have found that people who exercise regularly have better mental health, better emotional well-being and are less prone to various mental diseases like stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

People who exercise regularly often say that it makes them feel good. Exercise helps to improve mood, alertness, and concentration. It also helps in decision making and improves productivity at the workplace.

Here are some mental benefits of exercising regularly.

Why mental and emotional health can be improved through exercise

1. Reduces Stress

One important mental benefit of exercise reduces stress which eventually makes one happier. Exercise helps to reduce stress hormones in the body such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also stimulates the production of endorphins which is our body’s natural painkiller and mood elevator. Endorphins also are known to improve quality of sleep thus reducing stress.

Many studies have proved that regular participation in aerobic exercises has been shown to decrease levels of tension, improve sleep and mood.

2. Improves Self Confidence

Exercise is one thing that improves our self confidence. By committing to exercising regularly, a person becomes more confident and his or her self-esteem increases. This improvement in self confidence helps the person to be better in all aspects of life. It helps to improve body physique by reducing the unwanted fat which will make you look and feel good ultimately improving your self confidence.

3. Improves Sleep

Exercise is very helpful for sound and restful sleep. Good sleep improves the functioning of the immune system, improves heart health and helps control stress and anxiety. Engaging in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise has proved to improve sleep quality.

Sleep helps you keep your mind and body healthy. Most adults need 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Getting enough sleep is not about how many hours we sleep, but it’s all about how many hours we had a quality and sound sleep. Quality sleep helps us to stay active, feel fresh and happier.

4. Increase Energy Levels

Regular physical activity builds muscle strength and boosts endurance. It helps to deliver enough amount of oxygen to our body and thus maintaining and improving cardiovascular activity. Any form of physical activity pumps up your heartbeat and gets the blood pumping thereby releasing endorphins and increasing your energy levels.

5. Improves Brain Power

Exercise helps in improving brain health. When we do exercise, our heart rate increases thus increasing blood levels to the brain making it alert and helps it in smooth functioning. Yoga and meditation are very good for the brain as it helps to improve memory and thinking capacity.

Exercise and mental health: there’s a link!

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Make no excuses for not indulging in physical activities daily. Go out walking, jogging, buy a cheap elliptical, playing any kind of sport or even you can hit the gym for exercise and workout.

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