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No, I don’t mean a wedding ring. I’m talking another type of ring that doesn’t require as much commitment.

The Motiv Ring is a fitness, heart rate and sleep tracker you can truly keep on.

You shouldn’t have to choose between form, fit and function. Wear Motiv Ring continuously for the insight you need to become more active and improve the quality of your sleep – wear it out, get it wet, keep it on.

I love this ring because it tracks your full day and night – not just time at the gym.

You feel like you are able to meet your goals and have a better understanding of your body and overall health without sacrificing style or comfort.

Motiv Ring Review

Here is our honest review of the Motiv Ring. Does it live up the type? Can it help you meet your fitness goals? Learn in our Motiv Ring Review.

Here is a deep dive into the Motiv Ring.

Beyond a Step Tracker

Motiv is a fitness tracker.

All steps aren’t created equal.

For proven benefits like preventing heart disease and stroke, improving overall cardiovascular health, and a healthier body and mood, science says you need to get your heart rate up each week – not just count steps to the fridge. You need Active Minutes.

Benefits of Owning Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring Review

1. Track and Add Progress

Know at a glance how you’re tracking against your goals. And to ensure you always get credit for your efforts, adding and editing activities is easy.

2. Stay Motivated All Week

Motiv automatically adjusts daily targets based on your week so far – like rollover minutes. Miss a workout? No problem. They’ll keep pushing you to achieve your weekly goals.

3. A Heart Rate Monitor That’s Cozy

If one number sums up overall health and fitness, it’s your Resting Heart Rate. To get the most accurate Resting Heart Rate – you have to be resting.

So it’s a good thing they are good in bed.

In case you wanted to learn more about this neat little fitness tracker, you can learn more by clicking here.

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