Walkify App Review: Is Walkify Legit?

Do you want to get paid for walking with Walkify?

Do you want to get paid for walking with Walkify? Learn more if the Walkify app is legit in this Walkify review for 2021.

Walking for 20-30 minutes in a day is a great way to improve your overall health. Walking helps you reduce excess body fat, boost physical endurance, increase cardiovascular health, strengthen bones, reduce stress and has a lot of other benefits.

Would you mind if you get paid for walking? Obviously, no!

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Whether you are seeking motivation to lose weight or you are already a fitness enthusiast, you wouldn’t mind getting some extra money and rewards for walking. No matter what fitness level you are at right now, the Walkify app can help you burn extra calories and boost your energy level, plus earn some extra money and rewards.

I’ve already reviewed a bunch of different apps that claim to pay you for walking like Achievement, Sweatcoin and HealthyWage — these apps believe that if people get rewarded for walking and running than they will make it a habit.

The problem is people think walking is boring, everyone has a little bit of time for walking, but there is no motivation so they don’t keep it as a habit and all these leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you remember that you will get rewarded for walking, you will probably go for a morning and evening walk rather than just spending time on your mobile phones or watching TV.

Is this app really legit? Let’s learn more in this Walkify app review for 2021.

Walkify app review 2021

I downloaded this app a few days back and decided to do a review to know how the app works and does it really pays you to walk.

walkify app

How you can get paid to walk with Walkify?

Walkify is a walk and earn application, designed to promote healthy lifestyles. The app pays you for your indoor and outdoor walking activity in the form of cash prizes, free rewards and discount offers. Walkify lets you earn rewards by walking and makes fitness fun and effortless.

How does it work?

User needs to sign up into the app then connect it with Google Fit and turn on the GPS location. If you are an Android user then Walkify will track and sync your indoor steps using a Google Fit pedometer and if you are an iOS user, it takes the steps data from the Healthkit app.

The app then tracks how many steps you take in a day and give you Walkify coins according to the points you earned by indoor and outdoor walking and running. For every 10,000 steps recorded, the app will give 1 Walkify coin. Users can later use these coins to redeem the rewards and offers from Walkify E-mart. You can earn diamonds instead of Walkify coins in the least number of steps by buying a subscription plan.

Walkify has many ways to earn money and rewards:

  • Step Points: Walkify takes step counts from the Google Fit app for Android devices and health kit app for iOS devices. For each step you get 1 point.
  • Street Points: Street points are calculated on the basis of outdoor walks only. The benefit of taking street points is you get points for both outdoor walk and steps.
  • Bonus Points: You can earn bonus points by scratching daily bonus card and completing bonus points surveys.
  • Weekly leagues: Walkify has weekly leagues (Monday to Sunday), in which user needs to compete with other users to be in the top 250 users on the Leaderboard. Top 250 users on the Leaderboard are eligible to win cash prizes depending upon the rank they achieve. You can check rank wise league rewards on the reward page. League resents in every 7 days.
  • Walking Challenges: Walkify has 2 types of Walking Challenges.

Reward based challenges:

These are the one day walking challenge where you can get a free product if you win the challenge. You can find yourself getting a great morning workout by using these daily walking challenges.

Money challenges:

You can earn money in your Walkify wallet by joining these challenges. Walkify has 1 day, 2 days & 3 days challenge, where you have to walk and be in the top users to earn money. You get the amount of money, according to the rank you achieved.

Bonus challenges:

You can earn diamonds by joining bonus challenges. These are free challenges, no entry fee is needed to join bonus challenges.

Walkify premium membership – is it beneficial?

Walkify has recently launched premium membership plans, where users can buy a plan to avail its benefits.

You can earn diamonds by purchasing a premium membership plan, i.e. your total earned points will be converted into diamonds, whereas if you are a free user then your total points get converted into Walkify gold coins.

With the premium subscription plans you can not only claim the premium rewards but also get the chance to participate in weekly leagues and win money in every league, chance to participate in challenges, and win money in every challenge. Daily limit of earning diamond is also increased up to 5 diamonds for premium users.

So yes, Walkify premium subscription plans will be very beneficial for those who want to earn more by taking less steps.

Here are a few benefits of buying a premium plan:

  1. You can earn diamonds.
  2. Less points is needed to earn a diamond.
  3. You can claim premium rewards using diamonds.
  4. You can join weekly leagues and earn money.
  5. You can join bonus challenges without paying entry fee.
  6. You can earn up to 5 diamonds in a day.

Walkify’s premium subscription is starting from just Rs. 149/month, In my opinion, you must buy a plan to gain its benefits. Walkify has awesome rewards for premium users like iPhone, Laptop, PS4, JBL speakers, etc.

What is the Walkify loyalty program?

With the Loyalty Program feature, users can get a discount or a free treat when they visit a restaurant that is registered on Walkify and scan a QR code through the app.

Sounds legit to me.

All you need to do is:

  1. Open the app
  2. Scan the QR code at the restaurant
  3. Get a discount and Make payment

Walkify’s corporate wellness program

The app provides a corporate wellness program, where they create a customized Leaderboard for an organization on the basis of the number of steps (indoor and outdoor) of the employees of the organization. This means if you have an organization, you can contact Walkify app for this corporate wellness program and reward your employees for walking and staying fit.

Walkify referral program

Once you become a user of the app, you can refer the app to your friends and family and earn bonus points. For every new friend that joins Walkify, you and your friend both will get 1000 referral points. Which means, the more you refer the app to your friends, the more points you can earn without even walking!

Is Walkify a scam or legit?

The answer is yes, it is a legit application, which really pays you for walking and running.

The app delivers rewards within 4-8 weeks of claiming the reward.

You can receive the money that you earned by participating in weekly leagues and walking challenges in your Paytm, Google Pay or Phone Pay account from your Walkify wallet within one week of your withdrawal request.

Don’t expect to get rich using Walkify, but it beats doing cardio on an elliptical or treadmill and gets you wanting to run and walk outdoors and take in the weather (plus you can earn real rewards).

Can you really earn rewards for walking?

Yes, you can really earn rewards for walking with Walkify. Walkify has added new rewards and offers to the Reward section.

The list of free rewards includes iPhone, OnePlus 7T smartphone, Boat Wireless speaker, Sony Earphones, Decathlon hiking bag, etc. and discount offers on the products and services of top brands like MFine doctor consultation, The Healthy Company, Sanitab, Max Protein and others.

Now to claim these rewards and offers you will require a lot of diamonds and Walkify coins, so tie up your shoelaces and start walking and running.

Walkify App Review Summary

You can use Walkify anywhere – while walking your dog, on your morning walk, or just moving through your day.

Walkify helps you appreciate your own health, and give you the chance to reward yourself for being healthy. So if you are about to install it, you would have started to earn money and diamonds from today only, just by going about your day as normal.

Of course, you won’t get wealthy by downloading the Walkify app on your phone. It will definitely take time to earn some money and claim a reward from the app.

However, there is no harm to use this app, if you don’t even go for a morning or evening walk, you can just follow your daily routine, the points will be added itself in the app. Though you need to make sure that you play fair and not use the illegitimate ways to collect points. If you do so, you might get banned permanently for doing this.

If you want to know more about this app then you can check out the YouTube channel of Walkify, watch the video tutorials to know how the app really works and how you can make extra money with the app.

Walkify app is free to download. It is currently available on the App Store for iPhone users, and on Google Play Store for Android phone users.

Good luck, keep walking & earning money with Walkify!

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