10 Ways to Shift Your Mindset for Better Weight Loss

Wouldn’t you agree that losing weight is more of a mental game than a physical one? If you answered yes, then you are already one step closer to reaching your ideal weight. Helping you on your way would be these top weight loss mindset tips with which you can plan, adapt, and achieve your dream goals. In order to get yourself moving and start a weight-loss program, you need to find personal motivation and discover why you truly want to slim down. Here’s hoping you get back in shape and stay there with these pointers:

1. Trick your brain into acceptance of the healthy

Place healthy food option notes all over your fridge. Give them enticing adjectives and paste beautiful snaps alongside as beautiful imagery and delicious sounding names can help trick your brain into an easy acceptance of these.

Some examples would include:

  • Refreshing yogurt with fruit and nuts
  • Crunchy muesli with frozen curd and fresh fruits
  • Scrumptious fruit/egg salad
  • Sinful dark chocolate and nuts rolled into a yum ball
  • Heart-warming porridge
  • Creamy fruit & veggies smoothie
  • Filling brown bread sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and cucumbers.

What? It’s your birthday? Okay then, put a patty in there too. Just kidding! Don’t overdo anything that starves the body or mind. If it’s your special day, then go for the cake, and a second helping too!

2. Internalize the healthy-living message

Discuss the benefits of energy shakes and soups with your friends and openly advocate their superiority over the regular snacks. When you tell others just how much you enjoy healthy living, you internalize the message. And even if it was not the case earlier, you would find yourself actually enjoying these healthy alternatives.

3. If it’s in the tuck cupboard, it will soon be in your stomach

Wipe away all the excuses (for kids, for guests, for emergencies) and do away with all junk food from your house. Out of sight, out of mind is a golden rule!

4. Never hungry = No surprise binge eating sessions

Once hunger sets in, it’s very difficult to actually start making a healthy sandwich. Tearing a bag of Doritos seems much easier. So, see to it that you never find yourself in that position. Keep eating small meals every 3 hours, and drink 2–3 glasses of water every 2 hours.

Small meals could comprise of a bowl of porridge with a glass of green tea, a salad (no dressing), 2 boiled eggs, and some veggies. For the two big meals, Chicken breast without skin, veggies, sandwich (no sauce, oily patties) and other such slightly filling options can be consumed. Once you have shed the excess flab, follow the above mentioned only on weekdays. Enjoy all varieties of foods on weekends (obviously, limit excess). You would feel more motivated on weekdays and less deprived in this manner.

5. Set an alarm for every 2 hours when you should be eating/drinking something

Mark your progress in a journal. You would be surprised to see how your craving for junk food decreases if you have timed your food and water intake efficiently and without long breaks.

6. Pictures of the past

Put up pictures of a slimmer you from past times-or pictures of people you know who have lost weight through sheer effort. Every time you feel your motivation waning, notice their happy smiles and that glint of pride in their eyes and tell yourself that you too are going to have that look when you reach your goal.

7. Make the outdoors your big savior

Would one feel like going for a healthy bowl of soup when sitting on the couch watching TV? You know the answer, that’s when the criminal pizza comes into the picture.

But when one is back from a refreshing jog or yoga in the park, those feel-good endorphins get to work and one feels motivated to go the whole hog and do what is required on the diet end too.
Run, cycle, go for a swim or just simply take a walk. Whatever you chose, just make time for something every day.

8. Stick to the pre-determined number and sustain that hard-earned weight

The best part of a successful diet is that you have a blank slate again, and you can resume your regular diet without fretting. However, always remind yourself that many people go back to their pre-diet shape due to negligence – MOST people do. Decide a certain weight for yourself, which is 3-4 pounds lesser than a weight you consider unhealthy.

If you reach this weight again, increase your exercise time to go back to your normal weight. This would save you from the agony of going on another painful fad diet that you have to resort to if you put on too much. Another option is looking into apps that pay you to walk or exercise like Healthywage.

9. Plan a reunion

Call friends/family who you have not met for a while, and fix a meeting with them for some time in the next 2 months.

Now imagine their surprised look when they see you minus the extra flab. Keep this picture in mind every day to feel motivated and to stick to healthy eating and jogs.

10. Take pride in yourself

Be proud of your achievements, and share your story with family and friends. Appreciation from your loved ones would give you the motivation to always stay in good shape.

Make a choice today about not just losing flab, but for staying happy.

Go ahead and mark your calendar.

Best of luck!

Mudita Singh
Mudita Singh is a marketing consultant, lecturer and avid social worker. Her experience with fitness and running marathons has given her a good understanding of meeting fitness goals.

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